Shops I Love

Whether you love or hate shopping, we’ve all got someone that needs a gift at some point. I think it goes without saying that I recommend Mystic Eye Creations – but sometimes you need something else. There are only so many tops you can buy for one child, really. These are shops that I have shopped with and/or know the owners and their standards.

Many of the shops I list here are members of the Indie A-List, including Mystic Eye Creations. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a group of indie businesses that have been reviewed for quality and service, ensuring you get top-notch goodies with no hassle.


A Single Dream

Elegant, handmade jewelry.

Christine hand-wraps her wire, and sometimes gives old jewelry a new life. I love all of her work, and the quality is stupendous!

Clothing & Accessories


Beautiful, fun sewn accessories.

Alicia has beautiful accessories! I’m a proud wallet owner – read my review – and I’m planning to get a mug-hug soon!

D. Rix Creations

Custom embroidery and sewing

Danielle does beautiful custom embroidery work, and specializes in custom sewing projects! Have a military connection? She’s a military wife herself and does work in military fabrics.

Bath & Body Care

Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Company

Handmade, vegan, palm oil-free soaps & soy candles

Sarah’s soaps and candles smell like a dream! I’ve had the pleasure of vending next to her several times; she’s a great person with high quality standards. She also makes fantastic solid perfume lockets and lip balm!


Verte Photography

Custom designs, photography props, and art prints.

Candy does such beautiful work, and is always helpful when you have a question. If you have a business, she’s a great go-to for reasonable, high-quality product photography!

Chase Photography

Chase Photography

I think the picture says it all – gorgeous shots of you and loved ones. Sarah also does amazing nature shots, and offers prints!


Cathy's Chocolate Delights

Handmade chocolate barks

I’ve had the pleasure of vending next to Cathy before, and I did not walk away without her mint bark. My favorite though, is the maple bacon flavored chocolate bark! She hand makes all of her barks in small batches for the absolute best bark you’ve ever had.


The Mollie Shop

Dollies, bows and big-bead kid’s necklaces

Cari makes the cutest dolls ever! The bows and necklaces just push her shop over the edge into awesome, especially since she hand makes everything.

Lu & Ed

Handmade, upcycled storage and stuffies for kids

This is not your grandmother’s hamper. Cody makes mon-stors – monsters that eat your kids’ toys and laundry! Everything is super eco-friendly, and what kid doesn’t want to “feed” their own monster friend?


Little Green Guy

Little Green Guy

I love Little Green Guy! Brittany makes figures and prints involving a friendly green monster with one eye, but her physical store in Wyandotte, MI has so much more. She even carries merchandise from some of the other great businesses on this list!


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