Ramble With Me

You might have noticed, I don’t have ads around here. That doesn’t mean I don’t like helping other businesses, bloggers, and crafters. Quite the opposite!

Guest Posts:

Ideally, I’d like to feature a guest post once a week. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just something fun, funny, or useful. You don’t even need your own blog. If you want to share, I’ll help you share it.

Write a guest post for Rambler, and I’ll promote your post just as I would my own. I’m on Twitter and Facebook with a loyal following. If you’d like more info on exact numbers or demographics, shoot me an email.

Not a writer, but want to do something? We’ve got some options for that too.


How about a giveaway? I love free stuff, and love giveaways for that reason. If  you want someone else promoting you without having to write something, buy a gift card, offer a product, or give me something awesome to hand out! Giveaways will, of course, be heavily promoted on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook post will be pinned, too, for better visibility. I use Rebelmouse and will freeze giveaway posts for the length of the giveaway. Each giveaway will have its own post, and be mentioned in my week in review post. Basically, if there’s a way I can tell more people about free goodies, I will. 🙂 Email me!


Want me to review your product? Sure! As long as it’s something that fits in with my lifestyle, and I think my readers would like to know about, I’ll be happy to review it. Email me with your idea and I’ll gladly work with you to make it happen. Don’t worry, I don’t do a minimum value. If you want to send me product worth $5 you’ll get the same treatment as someone sending a $100 product.

Reviews will always be my honest opinion, and I will not take monetary compensation. You’ll get a review post on the blog, which I will share on social media. Your review post will have links to all of your shops, social media, websites, blogs, and anything else of yours you’d like linked. In addition, if I find myself adoring your products, you might just find yourself listed in my Shops I Love page! For an example of my reviews, visit the Reviews category.



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