About Mystic Eye Creations

Dan at the demo lathe

Dan at the demo lathe

This husband and wife team of Dan and myself puts heart into each piece of functional art we create. Dan creates the unique wood and acrylic gifts while I run the design and customer service ends.

Our company was established in 2008 and has been responsible for providing beautiful handmade gifts ever since. Our specialty is in the area of wood and acrylic turnings, with experience beginning in 2004.

Dan originally learned to turn in high school shop class, where he liked the art and decided to pursue it further. In 2004 he started driving over an hour each way to take formal woodworking lessons. In addition to wood turning he also learned finished carpentry, which he loves but we don’t have the room to make right now. The turning is what really drew him, though, and it was then he decided he wanted his own woodworking business.

Two and a half years later saw him attending graphic design classes at the local community college, where he met yours truly. The business was slowly percolating in his mind, and he wanted to take a design course to help him make more artistic pieces, both in color composition and potential inlay/laser work for finished carpentry projects. The business took a back seat for a bit though. Time flies when you’re falling in love, apparently.

Dan at his grandfather's workbench

Dan at his grandfather’s workbench

He really started working toward it again in 2008 when he applied for a business license and buckled down with a business plan and estimating expenses. That’s where he started drawing me into the picture. My mother owned a craft business when I was growing up, and my father went to college for business management – I wanted to see his dream become reality and had better experience in how to make that happen. So, I started helping with the business plans, estimating, and designing marketing materials. We did small farmer’s markets in the area and business by word of mouth, but we had trouble getting capital for bigger shows and really taking off.

Sadly, we got what we wished for in the worst way possible. In 2011 Dan’s grandparents passed away, and with some of the money left behind and his grandfather’s workbench we had the push we needed to grow. Dan uses his grandfather’s workbench at every demo we do. That money gave us the opportunity to start an online presence and get marketing materials, extra materials to make inventory, and paid for several larger shows that catapulted our local recognition.

Our spread at the LRGH Auxiliary Craft Fair, supporting breast cancer programs

Our spread at the LRGH Auxiliary Craft Fair, supporting breast cancer programs

That, essentially, brings us to today. Now for some factoids:

  • Any product we make in pink donates 20% of its price to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, even if we take a loss.
  • We do shopping parties in NH, MA, ME, and VT either with or without themes.
  • We love to work with really odd materials. Banksia pods, buffalo horn, acrylics with real coffee beans or other plants, and exotic woods. What other wood worker do you know that has glow in the dark stuff?
  • We do graphic design for other businesses and individuals, such as D. Rix Creations and Carolyn E. Maul Enterprise, LLC.
  • Live demonstrations make us super happy. We connect with people and teach them about what we do. It’s one of our favorite parts of craft shows!

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