About Tanya – The Rambler

A little illustration of me for the portfolio

I’m Tanya Podawiltz, and these are my ramblings. After a year of helping run Mystic Eye Creations, I realized I had some good stories to share. I also like to help other entrepreneurs and answer questions. I’m a bit of a helpy-helper. Here’s the quick rundown of my awesomeness:

Name : Tanya Podawiltz

Nickname : T-Pod

Superhero alias : Captain Clumsy

Age : 25

Height : 5′ 2″ of pure intimidation. Kinda.

Hair color : Brown

Eye color : Green

Ultimate joy : Rocking out to music when no one else is around.

Arch-nemesis : The semicolon at the end of a CSS attribute – I swear they disappear on their own.

Arch-angel : The undo function…

Favorite quote : “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” -Albert Einstein

Totem animal : Owl

Pets : 2 cats and a pony-sized puppy.

Bonus Factoid : I love animated movies, especially Miyazaki movies. I have enough of the real world in the real world; give me some magic and beautiful art!


Mr. and Mrs. Rambler on our wedding day. In December... Brrr.

Mr. and Mrs. Rambler on our wedding day. In December… Brrr.


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