Improve your Storenvy listings and presence

Let’s face it, most of us shop owners are still recovering from the holiday rush. But really, what better time to comb through your shop and make improvements that will set you up for your best summer season yet! With that in mind, I’m excited to share some tips from our first guest blogger, Matt Anderson of Tonka Park!


In the new year I am looking for new ways to support small and emerging sellers online over on my site. As a store owner I know you want to make some extra money on the side or to create a full time income so you can work from home or spend more time with the family. I have these same goals. Since most of us work alone it is always nice to get some help along the way. Sometimes the simplest tips can make a big difference.

Storenvy Marketplace is turning into a great place to sell for many. As the marketplace matures here are some important tips that can help get your store off the ground and make sure you are using the platform to your benefit.

Better product listings on Storenvy

Use minimum 3 great product photos. Because bad photos cost you sales.

Include tags that are common. Try to use all 55 characters Storenvy gives you. Tags are clickable and turn into searches so use common words that are used by other popular products to take advantage of that. Maybe try 2 or 3 general terms then 2 or 3 more specific tags.

Make sure you put your product in a marketplace category.

If you have more than a few products, it tends to help to add each product to at least one collection.

Improve your Storenvy shop presence

Pick 3 markets. And yes make sure your products match. This will help your products show up in marketplace searches.

Add an ‘about us’ page. Take advantage of the new feature to let you add content pages. Go here, https://{storename}, and create an About us page. Include who you are, how you started and other information that will let customers know you better before making a purchase.

Consider the Super Discounts upgrade. You can offer more promotions on your blog or to supporters. This is the best extra available right now. You can then create Free Shipping coupons and limited time offers and more. You don’t want to undervalue your items but coupon codes do attract attention.

Submit your brand to be featured. Obviously everyone wants this front page placement so make sure to have a unique story and identity. If you cannot get featured on try finding blogs that feature sellers.

Get more help

These are just a few ideas to help you along the way. Consider joining me and fellow store owners in forming a new private community of sellers online so we can share experiences and support each other along the journey. Hopefully we can all learn and grow together. Find out more at my site.


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