Half A Hundred Kindnesses

Half A Hundred Kindnesses

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about kindness and the qualities people wish they saw more of in the world. I think about the little things that mean so much, yet we never realize it. I think about the holiday season, and while it’s so happy for many of us, it’s the most heartbreaking time of year for others.

One of my favorite memories with my in-laws was my first Christmas at their house. I kept telling them I didn’t really need anything for Christmas, but they didn’t feel right not giving me anything – it’s the season of giving, after all. Instead, we looked up the local animal shelter, pulled their list of needed items, and went shopping. They paid for the supplies and helped me bring them to the animal shelter. That was their gift to me, and it’s still one of my favorites ever.

That was a pretty big gift, both in heart and a bit of money. You don’t always need money to make a difference, though. Here’s a list of 52 things, many of which are free, that you can do for someone else. If you can do one a week, I’ll bet your year would be amazing.

Acts Of Kindness:

  1. Donate books to a Library
  2. Help someone with yard/house work
  3. Pay for the person behind you
  4. Read to a child
  5. Send a thank you note to the PD/FD
  6. Write a note to someone who inspired you
  7. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  8. Pick up someone else’s litter
  9. Listen. Truly listen.
  10. Be kind to someone you dislike
  11. Bring someone a souvenir
  12. Send flowers to someone
  13. Collect donations for a food bank
  14. Make a home-cooked meal for someone who can’t
  15. Donate blood
  16. Mentor a student
  17. Suggest/organize a charity day at work
  18. Help load/unload someone’s groceries
  19. Shovel snow for your neighbor
  20. Compliment a stranger
  21. Praise your boss
  22. Leave a kind, anonymous note for someone
  23. Visit a nursing home
  24. Let someone ahead of you in line
  25. Smile at a stranger
  26. Volunteer at a community center
  27. Start a piggy bank for a charity
  28. Offer to help a teacher
  29. Call someone you haven’t spoken to recently
  30. Leave a generous tip
  31. Babysit for a single parent you know
  32. Volunteer at a local school
  33. Say hello
  34. Pick up groceries for a neighbor
  35. Bring small/homemade gifts into the office
  36. Treat someone to a movie
  37. Leave change at a vending machine
  38. Adopt a star in someone’s name
  39. Make a list of appreciation for someone – list all of the things they do or are that you appreciate
  40. Ask to speak with a manager and thank them/compliment the staff when you receive good service
  41. Send a care package
  42. Thank someone
  43. Leave an inspirational sticky note on a public mirror or random windshield
  44. Find a public wish list and send a gift to a stranger
  45. Donate an adoption fee at an animal shelter
  46. Leave change at a laudomat
  47. Compliment parents of a well-behaved child
  48. Donate kid movies to a children’s hospital
  49. Have time left on the parking meter ticket? Leave it for the next person
  50. Look for BOGO deals and donate at least one of the items
  51. Bring a warm meal to a homeless person
  52. Leave a gift with a thank you note for your mail carrier

Imagine if you did even half of this list, and each of the people you touched passed it on to even one person, and so on.


2 responses to “Half A Hundred Kindnesses

  1. Beautiful ideas! When I was a child, we used to do things like this for my Grandfather who had passed away. It let him be a part of our holidays and made someone else’s brighter. ❤

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