A Single Dream… Or Two!

This review is so unbelievably overdue. I now have two sets of earrings and a necklace from A Single Dream. None of which were purchased together, or even in the same month. Bad Tanya, very bad.

Anyway, if you’ve just about ever read anything on this blog, you’ve probably heard me rave about A Single Dream. If not, allow me to now.

A Single Dream is an artisan jewelry business run by Christine, who is just awesome. Most of the jewelry is made of copper; not your usual jewelry fare. She’s also pretty fond of taking vintage pieces and giving them new life by incorporating contemporary beads or wire wrapping.

I had loved the look of A Single Dream’s jewelry from the start, but after buying some, I’m hooked. Seriously, Dan just kind of tunes me out now when I start drooling over the shop, which is constantly being updated.

Here’s that first purchase:

Gorgeous earrings by A Single Dream

Gorgeous earrings by A Single Dream

Me, wearing the earrings. Daily.

Beautiful, right? Nothing on these beauties is pre-made – she bends the wires herself and does all of the wire wrapping. These are copper with crystals and silver wire wrapping, and were my favorite pieces of jewelry ever. Hands down. (Okay, excluding my wedding and engagement rings. Blame me? I didn’t think so.) I started wearing them daily. No, I’m not joking.

Well, after that came these beauties:

Gorgeous, round 2

Blue peacock crystal earrings from A Single Dream

My second set of lovelies. These are smaller; a little better suited to my 5’2″ frame. They’re also a gorgeous shade of peacock blue on copper, and lacking the silver this time. Love!

Once again, I was so impressed with the quality! Look at that little bitty wrapped wire spun as tightly as humanly possible around the larger copper wire. It’s all hand done, once again. I also loved the different style; the wire going through your ear is part of the design itself.

Great, now I wear one pair on a day and the other the next. Again, not kidding. I wear these all the time, and the only time I don’t receive compliments on them is when I’m with people that have already seen them. Even then, when the light catches the crystals, sometimes they’ll say something again!

Well, I just didn’t have a single necklace that was copper or worthy of these earrings. Clearly, with my mild jewelry addiction, this needed to be rectified.

I wanted something I could wear with both pieces. I loved the silver wrapping, and adored the peacock blue crystals. While I didn’t have anything yet with a treble clef motif (which she does tons of), I truly wanted a treble clef. Chorus girl, what can I say?

When I couldn’t find just the perfect piece, I contacted Christine about custom orders. She does custom orders; I was so excited! She was completely willing to accommodate my want for the crystals, silver wire wrapping, and music motif. This is what I got:

A beautiful set!

Best necklace ever

Yeah, it’s completely gorgeous. Look, she even added a little heart with crystals for me! She handmade the chain for this necklace, too, and it’s now now my favorite ever. Also, Christine was a dream to work with!

The second shot is after a few months. Being copper, I’m letting it get a bit of patina for some added character. Not that it needs it, because it’s flipping beautiful.

Now, I’m not letting my ear wires get the patina. I have very sensitive ears and react to most metals. In fact, I’m even allergic to gold (no, not the nickel, the gold itself). I was so happy to learn that copper is hypoallergenic! I just have to remember to clean it, and I’m a happy camper.

I’m going to summarize this, even though you’ve probably figured it out. A Single Dream has beautiful, high quality, creative, unique, handmade jewelry at great prices, with a giant helping of phenomenal customer service. I happily recommend anything from this business!


5 responses to “A Single Dream… Or Two!

  1. Thank you so much, Tanya! The very best part of what I do is learning that my work has made someone happy. (Love that patina on the chain!)

  2. You have no idea how disappointed I am that I can’t order from her shop! Anytime I have tried to wear copper jewelry it turns my skin green and itchy. I have a few handmade copper rings that I refuse to get rid of, but can’t wear. Her work is SO GORGEOUS!! I will just drool on my keyboard and stare instead.

    • Actually, I can make earrings in Sterling Silver! I don’t have a lot of it ready to ship, but I’m working on rolling out more silver earrings. ❤

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