Gifts In A Flash – GRAND FINALE!

The Storenvy Flash 30% sale is TODAY! I know you can’t see it, but I promise you I’m happy dancing! Order today using code Storenvyflash30 for 30% off everything in Mystic Eye Creations and any of the other participating shops.

This is the final 5 shops on the list. To see my full list of awesome gift ideas, check the first installment and read from the beginning.

Sandy’s Shop

Leather Patchwork with Zipper Leggings

Leather Patchwork with Zipper Leggings

Okay, we won’t even pretend. These are for me, and I’ll need three pairs so that I can wear them all the time without doing laundry every day. I’ve been good this year, Santa.

Squishy Worm

Mermaid Tail Diaper

Mermaid Tail Diaper

It’s so cute! This fitted cloth diaper has a little, detachable mermaid tail, and about 3x more cute than I can handle at once.

Scrawny Girl

Greeting Card Set of 4-Holiday-Girls With Glasses

Greeting Card Set of 4-Holiday-Girls With Glasses

I mentioned my love of greeting cards in an earlier installment, and these are so perfect for those artsy, quirky friends. Which I happen to have a ton of!

Sapphire Haven

Chunky Bead Necklace-Pink Lemonade

Chunky Bead Necklace-Pink Lemonade

I love how sweet this necklace is! The striped beads ad some extra flare, and I love that there’s an option for a break-away clasp.

Baby Moon Boutique

Soft Play Tool Set

Soft Play Tool Set

How perfect is this for Mommy or Daddy’s little helper? This set is my favorite because it’s really gender-neutral and, frankly, I just like dots, blue, and chevrons. *shrug*

But wait, there’s more!

Mystic Eye Creations

Pasta Server and Shell Spoon Set

Pasta Server and Shell Spoon Set

We had customers vote on our next product, and this won! We’re so excited about these, and offering a special $10 off discount on top of the 30% discount for folks that preorder them this weekend! They’re a fantastic gift for new home owners, newlyweds, entertainers, or maybe you could get one for yourself?

Visit the shop directory to see the full list of 51 stores participating.



Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Some of you may recall that I have a wallet and a mug hug from Zeeuh. I adore these products, and while she isn’t part of the Storenvy Flash 30 sale, she is doing her own awesome flash sale! Visit Zeeuh starting 7am CST for discounted pricing and free US shipping! The only problem is… I want them all!

Share your awesome finds with me! I’d love to see what everyone’s getting. 🙂


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