Gifts In A Flash 9

The Storenvy Flash 30% sale is on Monday, only a day away! (that last part must be sung in your best orphan Annie imitation) To support indie businesses this year, read on friend. Here are five of the 50 shops and a gift choice from each one! Whether that gift is for me or someone else is an entirely irrelevant matter. Right? Right.

To understand this ramble better, check out the first installment and read from the beginning of the list!

Bellamy Tree

Custom Handmade Boy's Adjustable Tie

Custom Handmade Boy’s Adjustable Tie

Still need to get your holiday photos done? Boom – I just found you the perfect tie for the little Mr. in your life! CUTE!

Anomic Apparel



This is Sherman, one of the 9 original character that Anomic created. How cool is this guy? The bold style and bright colors are perfect for that off-beat kid you know.

Afua Handmade

Love Letters Necklace

Love Letters Necklace

We all know a romantic, right? The one in my life would love this! Between the rose, the pearl, and the itty bitty love letter, it’s perfect.

East Evelyn Square

Purple Tones, Mixed Metals Earrings

Purple Tones, Mixed Metals Earrings

You didn’t think you’d get away without another jewelry piece, did you? There’s something I love about the color of these, plus they’re a great work-appropriate length!

Michelle Bleu Jewelry

Holiday Ornament Earrings

Holiday Ornament Earrings

I love them! They’re cute, festive, but can absolutely be worn year-round. Now that’s some nice jewelry.

Whoo! 1 more day until the sale! The last five shops are tomorrow, and I can’t wait!

If you just can’t wait to see the rest, visit the shop directory.

What are you most excited to give this year?


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