Gifts In A Flash 4

On the fourth day of Storenvy my true love gave to me…

If you don’t know what this is all about, check out the first installment, then come back and look at all the shiny!


Superstar Lavender Baby Blanket

Superstar Lavender Baby Blanket

How sweet is this!? I love the unusual shape and the solid lavender lines throughout the blanket. Why should a baby blanket be boring?

Ribbons & Robots

Pajama Eater Mini in Jax

Pajama Eater Mini in Jax

Om nom nom. This may be the cutest way ever for kids to remember a pillow AND jammies for their next overnight trip. I love that the mouth zips open and there’s a pouch inside!

Playa Blu

Spa gift basket

Spa gift basket

Oh my waffles, I love this set. I’ll take three. It’s an 8 piece gift basket, for which you pick one of 5 scents, with all natural products. Plus, each gift basket can be sent directly to the recipient with a card attached, and all ingredients are purified with Reiki. How cool is that?

Nature Junkie

Kitchen Owls Kitchen Gift Set

Kitchen Owls Kitchen Gift Set

It wouldn’t be a list of stuff I love without an owl somewhere. This is a fantastic set! You get the Unsponges (think about how gross your disposable ones get, and consider something washable, eh?) and the hanging towel that snaps onto your towel rack. Yup, no accidentally pulling it loose, or having the kids make off with it!

Sweet Pepper Parties

Red w/ Silver Gold Lined Seed Beads Macrame Bracelet

I love having extra cards on hand, especially the kind that don’t specify what they’re for! Pop them in last minute gifts, or send a note (you know, the hand written kind?) to someone you care about. Sweet Pepper Parties has the cutest around!

Oops. I was supposed to be looking for other people, wasn’t I? Ah, well. Hubby, take notes… 😉

If you just can’t wait to see the rest, visit the shop directory.

Who on your list prefers all-natural or earth-friendly products?


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