Gifts In A Flash 2

Here we are again, round two! *ding!*

A little recap from the first installment:

As you might have seen in my last post, Mystic Eye Creations is part of the #StorenvyFlash30 sale! You know, the awesome sale with 51 shops, all offering 30% off of everything in their shops and all using the same coupon code on December 2? I’m in love with more than a few products from it, and I know some of my readers are looking to do a handmade holiday (Especially folks who took the 1AM promise!). What better excuse to make an epic wishlist blog post with gifts from every shop? So, for the next 10 days I’m going to feature 5 shops – 1 item each. 😀

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog post!

June’s Pretty Things

Cowboy/Cow Girl Diaper Cover Set

Cowboy/Cow Girl Diaper Cover Set

I desperately wish I had a baby to shop for. Look at this! With the little hat and star boots!? And there’s just something about a baby in handmade goodies that makes it over-the-top adorable.

Landon’s Toy Box

Once Upon A Time Peg People Play Set

Once Upon A Time Peg People Play Set

I love the idea of peg people. What a fantastic, low-tech, hands-on way for little ones to use their imaginations! This set is ready for a whole lot of play time; it comes with a fairy, a mermaid, a pirate, a prince, and a princess! I’ll bet my nieces would have a BLAST with these. As a bonus, my sister wouldn’t kill me for bringing another noisy electronic into her home…

D. Rix Creations

Personalized Damask Cosmetic Bag

Personalized Damask Cosmetic Bag

I know a lot of my more modern aesthetic rolling around may make this  a surprise, but I LOVE damask anything. My cosmetic bag is, frankly, on it’s last legs – I need this thing and it’s so pretty. Plus, it’s personalized!

AnnaBela Artistry

"Twilight" Labradorite Necklace

“Twilight” Labradorite Necklace

Oh, jewelry. You’ll make me broke yet. I love Labradorite. There’s a depth of color and shimmer that’s so unique. I love that she included Labradorite chips on the chain as well, it really completes the piece!

Violet’s Buds

Let It Snow Snowflake clip

Let It Snow Snowflake clip

I love this type of accessory. It’s vibrant, sparkly, and fun without being overpowering. That’s important for me since I’m petite and have short hair! Plus, it’s handmade and I love chatting with the artist.

Okay, two down! I hope you’re loving the variety as much as I am. If you just can’t wait to see the rest, visit the shop directory.

I’m realizing there are some great options for the hard to shop for people in my life. Who’s the hardest person to shop for on your list?


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