Weekly What’s Up

Well, THAT was fun.

Okay, so my week began with driving my dad to the airport. Sounds normal, right? Except… I noticed that the only way to get to the airport, from north or south, involved taking exit 13. I’m not superstitious, so I jokingly pointed it out to my dad. We had a good chuckle and he sarcastically replied, “Thanks for pointing it out now!” We laughed, we moved on.

Then his connecting flight got cancelled, and there were a comedy of errors dealing with his luggage. I’m still not superstitious, but even I have to admit it’s funny. He said it was the worst trip he’s ever had!

In less unusual news, I’m trying to get MEC into an awesome event Sept. 12th in Nashua at the Fox Run Mall – Girls Night Out! There’s going to be goodie bags, and shopping and all sorts of fun stuff. Frankly, even if we don’t get in, I’m probably showing up. 🙂 I really do want to be in it though – we’ll hand out coupons and info on Girls Night IN parties, and… I get to use my fancy new displays!

Waterfall Pen Stand

Waterfall Pen Stand

That’s my other fun for the week. I got to order TONS of new stuff for the business, including 13 acrylic risers and two new waterfall pen stands that hold 13 pieces each. I am way too excited about that. The acrylic risers will be good for other things, too – like product photos. 🙂 Dan, on the other hand, is toddler-giddy over the glow in the dark powders we got in! White, Lemon-Lime, and Green.

2013-08-17 15.08.20

I discovered something while placing my orders, though. I’ve officially spoken too much with our favorite supplier! Now, mind you, I’ve only ever called 3 times. Once, the owner of the company answered! (Great guy, by the way.) The other two times has been our original service rep from email communications. I got to the point of pulling my card out, anticipating the need to pay, when dear Patrick says, “Okay, this is Tanya, right? Did you want us to use the card you used last time?” Uh, sure. Seriously – best customer service ever. I’ve called twice before, never for a bad reason, and he must have recognized my voice.


What else, what else? Oh, I added a chat feature to the shop. Now, if you want a live ramble, head on over to Mystic Eye Creations’ shop and look in the bottom right corner. It lets you know if I’m available to talk your ear off or not. 😉

Also, we had a great cookout at Dan’s parents’ house to celebrate Dan’s and his brother’s birthdays. It’s always nice to see Dan’s parents (you might have met them – they help us out at some shows) and really nice to see his brother, since we don’t get to often. A pretty darn good way to end the week, if you ask me!

That’s my week in a nutshell. How was yours?


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