Weekly What’s Up

I love Farmers Market weeks.

8-10-13 Farmers Market

8-10-13 Farmers Market

Beautiful sunny days, live music, great locals, fun fellow vendors. I LOVE it. This week was especially awesome because there was a raffle! Each person who visited received a free raffle ticket and just had to get a free sticker from each vendor to enter. We met a lot of new people because of it, and it drew several people who then stayed to watch Dan work. I love when people do that!

By the way, do you see those long pale pieces near the green basket? Those are our newest product – wands for children! So much fun. We’re looking forward to adding ones with brightly colored dyes and glow in the dark bands soon. 🙂

In other news, I totally forgot about the Indie Interest post. Because of that, I’m working on doing two this week, and maybe even another Storenvy guide. I do love doing those. The Indie Interest that would have been last weeks will be a Sweet Tooth post on some sweets and candy makers on Storenvy. The other might be my Goods That Give Back post on shops who donate to charities.

Meredith of Meredith's Marketplace

Meredith of Meredith’s Marketplace

I was so inspired by a couple of people this week, one of whom I met a couple of months ago and got to vend beside at this weeks market. I’m putting a shameless plug in for her, because I think she’s just the coolest kid since sliced bread: Meredith Ellis of Meredith’s Marketplace. She a tween with a dream, and a total sweetheart. Check her out, and take a look at her “Buttons of Hope” which a portion of each purchase will help to benefit local children’s charities. (Purchase online here)

Again changing gears, we figured out who the bread maker was from! My aunt sent it to us, because she’s amazing. This thing is epic – it even makes jams! I was already a carb-ovore, this is going to be bad…but at least it will taste good. 😉 Om nom.

I also finally managed to get the newsletter out. I know, about time, right? If you missed it and want to join in, or want to get your birthday coupon, sign up with the code below:

Surprisingly, I didn’t get into much trouble otherwise. I updated the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for the blog. I was super productive, for the most part, and even got a little time to breathe on Saturday afternoon!

What did you do this weekend?


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