Weekly What’s Up


My poor design clients. I’ve been playing catch up all week long, and I’ve never been more grateful for such awesome, sweet clients. They never batted an eyelash, bless their souls.

I spent a couple of days taking care of a family member recovering from surgery. Not much work happening there, but it was great to spend more time with her.

I also had a great day of being a bit ill. Congratulations, self, you’ve run yourself into the ground.

It seemed about time  for a break. So, off to make some goodies I went. Yay for semi-productive! I took an hour out of my schedule to do something for me, because I was liable to throw a temper tantrum if I didn’t. Really, I could put my 4 year old niece to shame if I let that happen. So instead, I made something chocolate, and cookie dough, and yummy. Yes, there will be a blog post on this later. 😉

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

In other news, the website and storefront have been completely revamped. You should check them out and let me know what you think; it should be much simpler to navigate and shop with a cleaner, sharper look.

The big hoopla this week was our first live demo of the year, on our beautiful, quiet, new lathe! We went on down to the Farmer’s Market and gave it a spin.

My handsome hubby all ready to turn some gifts at the market

My handsome hubby all ready to turn some gifts at the market

That was a fantastic day, and we got to unveil a brand new product! (If you want to be the next to know what it is, join our mailing list. The announcement will be in the next newsletter.) There were supposed to be possible thunder storms, but the weather held up great. Sunshine and breezes the whole morning!

Sunday I may as well have had Eye Of The Tiger playing in the background. I was crazy productive and went to town on all the little things I’ve missed or had to put off over two weeks. Two weeks of catch up, mostly in one day. PHEW!

I’m already looking forward to next week. Here’s what my schedule looks like when it’s half done…

ScheduleWhat’s on your plate this week?


6 responses to “Weekly What’s Up

    • Haha, do you see that thing? I don’t have a choice! 🙂 Besides, I do virtual assisting, so if I’m going to help others stay organized, I’d better be on my own game.

  1. I’m glad I’m not alone on the crazy train schedule lately! Remember to breathe somewhere in there!! And that planner is spectacular btw, I love it.

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