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Yes, artists. I know, people throw that word around, and many times it can be inaccurate. Today, I want to highlight some traditional artists. The kind of people that put a pencil or brush to paper and make you stare for hours. Here’s a round-up of people whose work you should have on your walls.

A friend, and her son - by Kayly Nyman

A friend, and her son – by Kayly Nyman

Pencil & Paper Portraits is artwork by Kayly Nyman. Who, coincidentally, is a friend and fellow blogger. (I’m plugging her because I love her and her work, no bribes involved. Promise.) She makes the most amazing portrait sketches by commission. How fantastic of a gift would that make, too? Get a custom sketch of a wedding day, or like the shot above, a mother and child together. Or your 13 cats, I’m not judging… 😉 You really should look at her work, it’s absolutely stunning how much emotion and character she can embody with just a pencil and paper.

Dreamer - By Amber Alexander

Dreamer – By Amber Alexander

I love Amber Alexander‘s work on so many levels, I’m not sure I can properly state it. Her art is beautiful, whimsical, natural, watercolored magic. It’s almost all nature-centered, and I’m particularly fond of the fox print and the owls. There’s just something fanciful about it, and I find some of her work would be perfect for children’s rooms. Some remind me vaguely of Beatrix Potter, which I adored as a child.

Barn Owl 12 By Wild Dreams / Jeannine Chappell

Barn Owl 12 By Wild Dreams / Jeannine Chappell

Wild Dreams is the art of Jeannine Chappell. If you like owls, you will love her art. Admittedly, that’s how I stumbled across her work, was in my search for owl goodies. She also has sea life, a fox, and dream images, too. Her artwork has an ethereal quality to it that I just can’t get over, and I wish I had found her work sooner!

Ocelot By Featherdust Studios / Jennifer Miller

Ocelot By Featherdust Studios / Jennifer Miller

Featherdust Studios is where you’ll find the art of Jennifer Miller. Wildlife art that will make your jaw drop, the colors are vivid with incredible detail. She also does fantasy art that sparks entire stories in my head. That is what good fantasy art is about, if you ask me. Did I mention she does jewelry, too? No? Yeah, you need to check her shop out.

Panacea - By Kelly McKernan

Panacea – By Kelly McKernan

Kelly McKernan has some of the best art nouveau style work I’ve seen in a long time. Her watercolor art is unique, original, and gorgeous. I’m especially fond of the Thumbelina and Little Red Riding Hood inspired art. She does the eyes in such a way that makes you feel the character painted is really looking at you – her art is intense and imaginative.

I could keep going, but these are my favorites at the moment. (No, seriously. I hope my family is paying attention to these posts. They’ll never need to ask me what I want for my birthday or holidays again.) Check them out, and don’t forget to find them on social media – I find people this artistic are so much fun to talk to!

Who are your favorite artists?


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