Weekly What’s Up

This was a pretty good week, I have to say.

I won’t lie, I spent most of my week helping other people with their businesses, but I kind of love doing that. It’s just…fulfilling? I don’t know the right word to use, but it’s a good feeling, whatever it is.

I did manage to get some wholesale prep done, and line up another craft show for us. Yay for craft shows! Otherwise, it was a pretty digital week around here.

I helped my buddy Kayly with setting her blog up, which I’m pretty excited about. She just opened up a Facebook page, Pencil & Paper for her commissioned art. If only I could draw half that well…

Anywho, we also had our second market of the year. Another sunny morning, another day with loads of awesome people. Switch-o change-o, we were in a different spot!

2nd Farmers Market

2nd Farmers Market, right between The Bread Peddler and Still Seeking Farm

Oh, I also got in the last of my birthday goodies and our new business cards arrived! Ironically, it was on my dad’s birthday. His birthday, and I’m getting all the goodies. 😉

Purse and mason jar

My new purse and my mason jar full of cocoa, all Mug Hugged up and ready to go for the market! I think my purse is eyeing my cocoa…

Let’s see… what else, what else?

Oh, that’s right.

We got a new lathe!

Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. We turned it on for the first time and his dad had to ask if it was on. It’s that quiet.

So, we went to my in-laws’ house after the farmers market. (Did I mention they’re the best in-laws ever?) We were all hangin’ out outside, and his dad asked us to come look in the garage. He said he made some modifications to Dan’s grandfather’s workbench, which we use for demos. Walk into the garage, and guess what? The modification was a new flippin’ lathe! Sitting all pretty and shiny new on the bench, like it was made to be there.

Dan’s dad has been working crazy overtime hours, and instead of using the extra cash on himself, (and I’ll point out here that his computer is dying) he bought a lathe for Dan. I would like to hang a big old thank you banner right here.

Sadly, we were way too busy giggling like toddlers at a birthday party for me to take pictures of the new beauty. Don’t worry, you’ll see her soon enough. 😀 In the meantime, please accept this picture of my mother-in-law’s beautiful cat, Lucas.

Lucas and his pretty eyes.

Lucas and his pretty eyes.

That was my phenomenal week in review. How was yours?


4 responses to “Weekly What’s Up

  1. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. THANK YOU so much for all your help. I would certainly not be happy with my blog without your assistance – so thank you thank you! Oh, and that purse is fantastic!

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