Weekly What’s Up

Yay summer!

The first Farmers Market of the year. The ONE day this week it didn't rain, too!

The first Farmers Market of the year. The ONE day this week it didn’t rain, too!

We ramped up our week and ended with the first summer farmers market in Laconia. We love this market, and we were super stoked to see Sarah from Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Company again. I gave in to the temptation her goods present. Mmm, lime margarita… Look at my pretty haul!

Bubble & Flame haul. Best. Stuff. Ever.

Bubble & Flame haul. Best. Stuff. Ever.

Dan made some pretty spiff goodies again. If you read last weeks recap, don’t worry. His hand isn’t falling off or anything. 🙂 See? He’s still working!

Seam Ripper

*Gasp* Is that a new product!? 😉 Seam Rippers have arrived.

We firmed up the details of our collaboration with D. Rix Creations and got the first round of goodies in. I’m ->||<- THIS far from keeping one for myself. Or maybe getting a custom one… with owl fabric. *gasp* It would match my mug hug from Zeeuh.

I digress; in addition to the slim pouches, we also got in protective roll-ups for the carving sets! Store it in style. Oh yeah.

Carving Set Roll-Up

Carving Set Roll-Up

Slim Pouches

Slim Pouches

Getting these puppies in made me super happy, and I went a little crazy and did a full photo shoot of everything Dan has made but not shipped out. Several hours, over four hundred photos, and one break to recharge the battery later and I got… lots of editing to do. 😉 I also spent copious (read: stupid) amounts of time editing photos and preparing to list new goodies in the shop. Which will also take copious amounts of time. Good thing I enjoy this!

In less happy news, I’m pretty sure I caught someone casing the house. Yeah, that was awesome. Like I wasn’t already paranoid. I’m pretty happy to have married someone with a vast sword collection right about now.

Okay, back to good stuff. I made dinner for my dad, and I made the best minestrone ever. I nearly overflowed the pot, but the four containers of leftovers were so worth it. Yum.  Combined with home made garlic bread… Okay, so I didn’t bake the bread this time. Home made garlic butter though. 🙂

Minestrone with Garlic Bread

Minestrone with Garlic Bread…. YUMMM

Otherwise, my week was pretty quiet. What did you get up to?


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