Weekly What’s Up

Oh, Memorial Day, you never disappoint.

What a week! This being the first recap of it’s kind, I’ll go back a bit.

Saturday gave me the pleasure of meeting with one of my favorite clients, Carolyn. I’m super excited to be working with her again – no, I won’t tell you on what, it would spoil the surprises! We had a fantastic chat, which isn’t surprising with how awesome she is.

Sunday was equally awesome. I’m one of those rare girls that genuinely adores her in-laws. I can happily sit and chat with them for hours, and I got to do that on Sunday for a cookout. Plus they surprised me with a birthday cake and gifts – bonus! They even indulged my choco-holic tendencies.

Monday was for being productive. We’re working on several custom turning orders, plus I had Carolyn’s design work to hunker down on, so I kinda went to town on sketching and research.

My candy bar chocolate frosting - after the fridge.

My candy bar chocolate frosting – after the fridge.

Tuesday… Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! I did nothing. Okay, well, not nothing. I did a little work and baked myself some brownies, which I topped with some home made “candy bar” frosting. Yumm. (Possible recipe post? This has not been a healthy eating week. Oops.)

Royal Blue Pretties

Royal Blue Pretties

Wonderful Wednesday was spent with my Mom, and getting some more design work done in the evening. Got some grocery shopping done and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather. When I got home, hubby had an order partially done for me to ooh and ahh over the pretties. All around an awesome day.

Thursday saw me out and about; scouting retailers, running errands, and of course some more design work. Oh, the joys of designing on the deck. *sigh* I love summer. Oh, and more ready to ship goodies brought home from the shop! So pretty…

Cocobolo and Purpleheart Pretties

Cocobolo and Purple Heart Pretties

Friday was design and house work, with a side dish of my favorite tweet chat, #SEchat. Seriously, those ladies make me laugh like nobody’s business!

My weekend, as usual, was full of driving. Saturday brought 3 hours of driving to see my eldest niece’s very first dance recital ever. (Is there anything cuter than a 4 year old in a tutu? Really? I submit to you there is not.) The fact she had a tutu-wearing elephant named Ellie to accompany her was almost more cute than I could handle. Then a whole bunch of the family got together for dinner before driving three hours back. On a side note, if you’re ever near North Conway, NH, you need to eat at Moat Mountain. Best food ever. It was a long day, but every minute was worth it. Every. Minute.

Sunday saw me driving an hour in the other direction for my cousin’s graduation party. Man, I’m starting to feel old, but I’m crazy proud of him. He even has full time employment all lined up. Dan and I toasted up like lobsters, and we had to leave early to beat thunderstorms home because we left the windows open. Yet another awesome day of enjoying my fan-freakin’-tastic family, though.

Whew! I’m ready for this next week. Bring on the design work and prep for the Laconia Farmers Markets!


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