Melli’s Awesome Yarn Works

2013-03-20 17.31.03

I would have posted it yesterday, but I was too busy putting my new goodies to use. I got the other half of my awesomeness from Lu & Ed’s 7 Days of Color giveaway! (You may recall my post about the awesome wallet I got from Zeeuh.)

2013-03-20 17.24.31

Melli’s Yarn Works sent me a super soft, cozy, colorful, and all around sweet hat and scarf set. And not a minute too soon. I spent a good part of the day digging out from wet, heavy snow. Yeah, and I didn’t own a hat or scarf until yesterday. I’m never prepared for anything, apparently. Maybe that’s why I married a former boy scout?

I digress; it was the perfect opportunity to try out my new fuzzies. Yes, I’m calling them my new fuzzies. They are ridiculously soft and… well, fuzzy. They’re also warm and comfortable. I think my favorite part might just be the colors, though. I’m completely in love with them. There’s no way these ladies could have known, but the blue/green in this set is one of my all-time favorite colors!

2013-03-20 17.29.08

I rolled up the hat so it was double layered over my ears, then wrapped up in the scarf, and braved the elements. My husband will be happy to know I can now help with snow-removal activities for more than 30 seconds! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

2013-03-20 17.29.32

I was warm. I was covered in fluffy, fuzzy color. I was a happy camper. Happy dances all around. Now I just need to find somewhere the cats can’t find them…


Want one for yourself? Visit Melli!

Shop: Melli’s Yarn Works
Facebook: Melli’s Yarn Works
Twitter: @MellisTrinkets
Blog: Melli’s Mish Mash


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