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Did you hear squealing just now? Don’t be alarmed. That was me.

After a super crazy busy insane day yesterday I didn’t even check my mail. Oh, I should have! My new wallet from Zeeuh arrived! Yes, I actually did a happy dance.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recently won two prizes from a 7 Days of Color giveaway on Lu & Ed’s blog. I won the wallet from Zeeuh and a hat/scarf set from Melli’s Yarn Works. Crazy awesome, I know.

The wallet is already filled, ready to go in my coat, and possibly my new favorite thing. Did I mention my cards and money were just flopping about in my pocket with a dying rubber band holding them together? Yeah, I’m pretty excited to have a wallet. The fact this one is gorgeous is a crazy sweet bonus. Have a look!




I know, beautiful, right? The sewing on it is beautiful, the design is gorgeous, and the quality is top-notch. I shared these pictures on my personal Facebook page – my sister had ordered two by the end of the night. Add to it that she makes aprons, mug hugs, and other goodies, and I’m telling you she’s a must-shop crafter!

If you’re as in-love with her work as I am, visit her!
Twitter: @ShopZeeuh
Google+: Alicia Manzano
Coupons: NerdWallet


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